Autumn Gardening Calendar

Autumn is the best time of year for planting! With the heat of summer fading and the soil still warm, plants can grow strong roots. Get your vegie patch pumping with crucifers like Broccoli and Cauliflower; root vegies like 大蒜 and 胡萝卜s; as well as 豌豆 and Leafy Greens. Beautify your garden with flowering plants like 香豌豆s and 山茶花s. Expand your indoor plant collection, feed and get rid of pests. Reinvigorate your lawn by feeding and oversowing, or install a brand new one. Happy gardening!

Autumn Gardening Calendar

March Gardening TipsIt's March, the turn of autumn is here, and your garden and lawn might need some love. Get planting with vegies like 大蒜 and 豌豆, and flowers for hanging baskets. Get on board the indoor garden trend with our beginner's guide. Reinvigorate your lawn with 'easy-as' autumn lawn care tips, and spray now to stop Winter Grass from coming up.

April Gardening TipsApril is beginning to feel a lot like autumn now. With the cooler weather comes more gardening opportunities. Plant flowering annuals like 香豌豆s, spring-flowering bulbs, and root vegies like carrots. Stay on top of citrus care. Find out what you can do in your climate for autumn.

May Gardening TipsWhat's happening in May? The autumn garden is a feast for your belly and your eyes. There are plenty of autumn vegies, flowering trees and shrubs, 秋天的落叶, and living gifts for Mother's Day. And, start composting today for a more sustainable garden for the future.

Planting Ideas? Check out our seasonal gardening calendars for the rest of the year!

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